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lyndzie - is this class still going online. Do you have a schedule of online classes/events. Thanks.

Hannah | The Woodlands High School

Hannah is a graduating senior from The Woodlands High School and had her senior pictures with us recently! We had SO MUCH FUN during her session and I just died over her AMAZING style! She used amazing colors to showcase her personality and got a fabulous variety out of her wardrobe! She got to dress in a GORGEOUS formal gown, the cutest purple and orange dress, plenty of casual looks and everything in between! Check it out!:)


Amanda Holloway | Cover Photographer for Denim + Grace Magazine

Here it is! The cover of Denim+Grace Magazine, March 2014 issue! When I was asked by Heather (D+G Chief Editor) to be the cover back in November, we had about a three hour conversation on my idea behind the cover. We knew that we wanted it to be something fresh and different and we both agreed on a studio lit image – something new to my style, but something I deeply loved as well.

Check out our AMAZING behind the scenes video below:

I came up with three different concepts for the shoot and fell in love with the last one – GATSBY inspired. Our model, Anna, was perfect for the job and everything fell in to place. I am so so so excited and feel very honored to be able to showcase this new style with such an AMAZING industry magazine.

I am also super excited to be sharing the front page with THREE of my The Kitchen Sink Workshop alumni: Jeremy and Vickie PhotographyCoco.laine Photography, and Chelsea Atkins Photography. I am very close to these amazing photographers and am so excited for them.

I am so lucky to be able to work with everyone that contributed to this cover. I am such a lucky girl. Here are just a few more of the images from this shoot! Be sure to grab the Denim + Grace magazine to read my interview on my personal thoughts about the state of the industry and the Wonder Woman in my life who helps me be a better Mom, Wife and Business Owner. 

Photographer: Amanda Holloway Photography
Clothing Stylist: Amanda Holloway
Makeup / Hair: Tonya Collum
Assistant: Jen Bertrand Photographie
Model: Anna Tesh


Ryan - So amazing!!!!! And that bts video is mind blowing!

Maya | The Woodlands High School

I had such a blast photographing Maya’s senior pictures! We shot 4 amazing “casual” outfits PLUS her formal studio collection dress option! All of my clients are offered this amazing opportunity – they don’t have to have it as it is not required of course – but I love that they all choose the option – because deep down, they love it! 

I love that my clients want a beautiful formal portrait to remember such an amazing time in their lives in addition to their own amazing wardrobe!

Check out what Maya and her Mom had to say about their experience!

“Working with Amanda for my senior pictures was such an awesome experience! Not only am I positive that the pictures will come out great but I had a ton of fun doing it. Before the session even began I felt completely prepared because of all the extra tips that we’re sent in the mail. Then as soon as Tonya was done with my hair and make up I loved it.

The studio was great because not only did I get to take pictures in my outfits but I also got to borrow a dress that was to die for. It was even better when we went to the different locations because she knew exactly where to take me so that my outfits and personality would shine through the photos. Overall it was a great shoot and was a blast to be a part of! ”

-Maya | 2014 Senior | The Woodlands High School


“I just wanted to thank you on the great experience we had on Maya’s senior picture afternoon. You were so sweet and wonderful. I loved sharing the experience with her and I feel that every picture will be beautiful. We have been recommending you to all of our friends that have kids in high school and will continue to do so. I think you made the experience fun, stress free and brought tears to my eyes because Maya looked great in every pose you had her do. Thanks again!”

-Priscilla | Maya’s Mom




Amanda Holloway Photography | LUXE LINE

I am so excited to announce the NEW Luxe line of Amanda Holloway Photography!

Last year, I had a desire to give my clients an experience unlike any other out there. I wanted to give my clients a once in a lifetime experience – something that wasn’t being offered already. I helped pioneer the makeup and hair services for the senior photography industry and am known for setting industry standards. I had recent dreams of sequins and tulle and jewels and lace. I had also recently learned how to use amazing studio lighting to create fashion inspired formal portraits for my seniors. My idea was to marry the two dreams into one huge vision. I was going to need a space… a big space. One that allowed me to house a stunning array of couture gowns and accessories to match along with a space to photograph my amazing clients with studio lighting.

After finding an acceptable space it was time to tear down walls – literally. I hired a contractor and ripped my new space to shreds. EVERYTHING was replaced… ceiling tiles, walls, floors, custom cabinetry, and everything in between. I wanted the feel of a downtown loft with a modern atmosphere so that my clients would feel comfortable and at home when with me. After all, I had worked in an office for over five years and I certainly didn’t close that chapter of my life to live in another office. The color scheme was decided on gray, white and chrome – where modern luxury meets timeless simplicity. After two months of demolition and renovations, I finally had a studio and space I was proud to bring my clients and shoot in. It embodies everything that the Amanda Holloway Photography brand represents and I am so excited to share it with my future clients.

A big question I’ve been hearing about is “Why?” Why all the dresses? Why all the specialties? These dresses are FOR my clients. I want my clients to feel absolutely AMAZING and STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL and what better way to help them feel that way than with a bunch of super fun fluffy dresses, sequins and jewelry?!? Do you remember how you felt when you put on your senior prom dress? You felt special… it wasn’t any other day. I want that feeling to transfer over to their senior portraits as well. Yes, I know that my clients already feel pretty dang special when we’re photographing their senior portraits because that’s how I’ve built my services, but I just wanted to take it even further… pushing it into another level. THEY DESERVE THAT. They deserve to FEEL that.

I knew that I wanted to debut this new Luxe experience in a special way and after a lot of soul searching, I decided to hire a videographer – no… I decided to hire a fashion filmographer. I remember first seeing Ale’s work and being moved to my core. There’s something about her work that she just gets. The emotion and movement behind her films just speaks to me in a way that causes me to FEEL her films. When we met, it was like the planets had aligned and everything was right. We literally FEED off of each other’s creative ideas. We talked about three different concepts… I wanted to show my prospective clients that it doesn’t matter WHO you are – the party girl, the whimsy girl, the elegant girl – nope, doesn’t matter. EVERY SINGLE GIRL OUT THERE deserves to feel how my clients feel. IT DOESN’T MATTER if you think you’re not pretty, if you think you’re not model material, or if you think you won’t look good – IT DOESN’T MATTER. I know the truth…. that you’re beautiful inside and out and I want you to trust me to show you. I will give you the senior portrait experience of a lifetime – better than anyone else can give you…. and you will see how gorgeous you truly are!

I seriously LOVE watching my clients’ reactions when they turn that corner and see what’s waiting for them. Some squeal, some jump up and down, and some remain speechless at the dress selection. They love finding the perfect dress for them and you can see it in the way they carry themselves in front of the camera. They stand a little bit taller, and look into the lens without fear or hesitation. They feel absolutely stunning and confident and everything special. THAT is why I love my job.

We had so much fun shooting all three concepts and showcasing the new space! Seriously – I could do that EVERY DAY. It was 10 long hours of shooting, but the end result was MORE than worth it. Here’s the LUXE video and images from our shoot day.