Fashion Friday: 15 Days of Back to School Fashion

24 Aug Fashion Friday: 15 Days of Back to School Fashion

The Woodlands is about to start school next Monday so I thought this Fashion Friday should be dedicated to back to school fashion! I’ve put together a 15 first school days guide to getting into your closet and doing a little planning! Let’s go through everything together!

1. There is nothing more classic than dark blue skinnies tucked into some fabulous brown riding boots! Top it all off with a gorgeous white button henley and you’ve got yourself a timeless foundation outfit!

2. Let’s get a little modern! True blue colored skinnies are so hot right now and Sara is rocking them out with her nude platform pumps! Throw on a light and airy white blouse to pull it all together! White is great color for anchoring that bold blue!

3. If you ever want to calm down a flashy top, pull on a nude toned blazer like Tori has done here. It’s the paired equivalent of a mullet… business on top, party underneath. 😉

4. Mint + peach = la la la loooooooove! Mint is the HOTTEST color (then coral) this season and it’s spreading like an epidemic! Pair it with a super light peach and you have a fab outfit!

5. Again with the peach! Cayley chose this great peach sweater from J.Crew and coupled it with white chino shorts (also from J.Crew). This is a great outfit for weather that isn’t quite cold, but not too hot either.

6. For warmer weather, pull on your blue jeans and riding boots while keeping the tone with a brown fabric jacket over a same toned cami. Army jackets are HUGE for this fall so if you have a reason to wear it – please do so.

7. Coral (and all shades that includes) is this season’s second fave color and Lauren has so appropriately paired her sleeveless camper blouse with the extremely trending lace shorts. Nice!

8. I just love this fall outfit! When you wanna slum it without sacrificing fashion, yank on some black leggings then top them off with brown riding boots. Yes… black and brown living together in harmony. Why? Because Olivia topped her white and black long sleeved shirt with a BEAUTIFUL olive green scarf. Seriously…. LOVE!

9. Blazers have made a massive come back and I’m so glad that they have! Emily is rocking her white 3/4 sleeved blazer with what it needs most… a gorgeous pop of color!

10. Alex is a genius here. She’s taken her high wasted mustard color skirt and topped it off with an unexpected long sleeve black shirt. It screams fall and fashion…. fallshion!

11. Madison is pulling out all the stops with a seriously romantic black lace dress. It’s modest with 3/4 sleeves and a gorgeous peek-a-boo back to give it that extra little umph.

12. I am so glad scarves are back in fashion. When you want to mix it up with a solid colored top, throw on a complementing color. Here, periwinkle blue is matched with that fabulous coral salmon and it is definitely an A+ match. If you’re ever at a crossroads when trying to decide what to pair with a scarf, ask the scarf. That’s right… let your scarf tell you. Notice that the same pink she chose as her shirt is in her scarf. Coincidence? I think not.

13. Katherine has done a fabulous job of wearing white skinnies here. She let them take the back seat to her gorgeous coral tent blouse and it is seriously working. If you’re nervous about wearing white pants/jeans, mute them out with a bright and bold color to take away from them.

14. Hailey is the epitome of fall here. Skinny jeans tucked in brown riding boots topped off with gorgeous sand layers. Smart girl!

15. I love all the bold colors Caitlin has going on here. Flowy fabric red shorts with a super cute black button up is not only prepster perfect, but great for perfect weather too.

So there you have it! 15 outfits from 15 of my awesome 2012 seniors! Take it from the class before you 2013…. they are some of the best dressed seniors I’ve seen and you can’t go wrong following their lead. 🙂

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