Katriana’s Testimony | Amanda Holloway Photography Review | The Woodlands Photographer

11 Mar Katriana’s Testimony | Amanda Holloway Photography Review | The Woodlands Photographer

“Amanda Holloway. A name that will be heard millions of times because of her amazing talent.

As a senior, one of the most exciting things to me was getting my senior pictures taken, but everyone in my area was okay. I could look at the photos and say, “Oh, that’s nice.” When I saw Amanda’s pictures, my jaw literally dropped. It’s my dream to major in photography and some day work in the field, and I can only DREAM to be as good as she is! From the moment I booked with her, she sent tips and provided really good hints as to what I could do to prepare for the shoot.

Then the morning of, I knew I could be completely relaxed! I didn’t have to worry about messing up my makeup or hair because the fabulous Tonya Collum would soon be working on that. I arrived at the studio and was IMMEDIATELY relieved. Tonya was so much fun to be around and made me look better than I could ever have imagined! When Amanda got to the salon, she was able to picture where each outfit would look good and was already planning how she wanted me to look in each photograph.

I was a bit nervous, thinking, “All of the girls in her pictures have looked perfect, how in the world am I ever going to look as good as them?” After the first picture, I understand how they got to look that way and was completely relaxed. The words she used to tell me how to pose led me to do exactly what she wanted, and if I didn’t understand something, she would even show me herself. The only bad part of the day was when it ended. I will be recommending her to everyone I know in a heartbeat. Seriously, one of the best days of my life!”

-Katriana Teoh

“Hi Amanda,

I want to thank you for the most extraordinary photo session I have ever experienced.  Having been through the senior photo routine with 5 other children I can honestly say that this experience was like no other.

You and Tonya are a great team.  Going out for our photo shoot was more like going out with friends. It was fun and very entertaining.  The worse part of the day was having our appointment and photo session end.  We can’t wait to see the finished product.”

Thank you once again,

Maureen Teoh  (Katriana’s mom)

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