Lauren | Willis High School | 2016 Senior

03 Nov Lauren | Willis High School | 2016 Senior

Willis High School | Cheerleading and National Honor Society | Texas A&M University | Architecture

Amanda Holloway Willis High School Photographer

Q- What are you MOST excited about for life AFTER high school?
A- Going to college and experiencing new things with new people

Q- What is YOUR definition of TRUE BEAUTY?
A- I think beauty is what is within. Someone can be gorgeous but an ugly personality can dull the outside.

Q- Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How about 10 years?
A- Graduated and starting my career. In 10 years ill have a family in my dream house designing houses.

Q- What is your FAVE senior memory, so far?
A- Cheering on Friday Nights

Q- Name 3 things on your bucket list!
• Swimming with whales
• Cliff diving with my friends
• Scuba diving with sea animals


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