HAYLEY | Amanda Holloway Photography

23 Dec HAYLEY | Amanda Holloway Photography

The Woodlands High School | Cross Country | National Honor Society


Q- What are your favorite clothing stores to shop at?
A- I can’t wait to experience new things and hopefully work toward a major/job that is worthwhile and something I love to do. I also want to explore and travel the world.


Q-  Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?
A- I am very ambitious. I want to be successful in life and hopefully begin my work at the job of my dreams, after I’ve graduated college. I want to be a published author one day. I hope by 28 that I have found someone I can call my best friend. Then, I want to find the perfect place to settle down and possibly plan to raise a family (without truly “settling down,” of course. I am still a rocker chick at heart). I want to live life to its fullest, find joy in the little things, dream big, achieve bigger, and experience new things.


Q- What is YOUR definition of TRUE BEAUTY?
A- True beauty is not necessarily physical. To me, it is when someone holds him or herself in a way that shows off his or her confidence in both appearance, style, and personality. It is easy to see when someone has recognized his or her true beauty because they radiate life. When someone is true to his or her unique style and is happy in they way they dress and who they are — despite what others may think — I believe they are truly beautiful.


Q- What is your FAVE senior memory, so far?
A- I loved going to Colorado with my cross country teammates and spending my last year having fun with friends.

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Q- Name 3 things on your bucket list!
Publish a bestselling book
Direct a movie or an animated series
Go to Los Angeles at least once

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