2019 A-LIST Shoot Outs


Join Amanda Holloway with guest speaker, Tara Rochelle, for a full day of education & live shooting in Granite Bay, California!


1st shoot out date: Thursday, September 19th
2nd shoot out date: Friday, September 20th  SOLD OUT!


30 attendees |  10 models  | 3:1 shooting ratio


*all models will be be styled by Nicole Cook & Tara Rochelle and will receive professional hairstyling & makeup application





9:30 AM – Registration, Welcome & Introduction

10:00 AM – Flow Posing with an Editorial Twist & Natural Lighting with Amanda Holloway

11:30 AM – Editorial Posing & Styling with Tara Rochelle

1:00 PM – Break for Lunch

3:00 PM – Live posing & full sun showcase with Tara & Amanda

3:30 PM – Group model shooting with AH & TR assisting

7:00 PM – End of shoot & goodbyes

*All attendees will receive presentations & bonus surprise material!




All registered attendees will receive a PREP PACKET after registering for their seats!

It will include everything from flight & travel info, accommodations, packing list, gear list, etc!


Please select one of the buttons below to register for your seat.

***You must be an A-Lister for at least three consecutive months before September to attend.***


Friday, September 20th, 2019   SOLD OUT!!!  




***By selecting the above “buy now” button, and purchasing a seat to the shoot out, you are agreeing to the following:***


The Participant understands that all materials, including the class information, discussion and all text/images included in it, the shootout files and tutorials, contracts, agreements, content, text, and any conversations inside the scope of the shoot out time and other and all information or documents that are given to her/him in the scope of the assigned date are the exclusive property of Amanda Holloway, the Instructor, and are privileged and confidential information. The Participant agrees not to disclose the confidential information obtained from the discloser to anyone unless required to do so by law.  


The participant also agrees not to reproduce or exchange for any financial or other compensation the class information/documents/discussion/files/education as a whole or parts.


This especially includes photography mentors or workshop instructors (in person and online). If it is found that any class information, education  or discussion is reproduced for another workshop or class (in person or online), immediate legal action will follow.


This shoot out is NON-REFUNDABLE