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Hey there!

First of all, congratulations on being a senior! That is so exciting! This is YOUR year!

You will make so many memories this year, and I am so excited that you are considering Amanda Holloway Photography to help you make some of those memories last a lifetime!

AHP holds the reputation for having the BEST AND MOST SOUGHT AFTER senior portrait experience in Texas and I don’t take that lightly! I want you to know a little bit about me and who I am, here at Amanda Holloway Photography!

In 2007, I graduated with two Bachelors of Science degrees from Sam Houston State University: one in Criminal Justice & one in Psychology. Imagine my surprise when I found my calling in senior photography after my son was born! I wanted to learn to take better photographs of him as a baby and my love for photography grew from that point on. When I began my photography career, I was working as a Juvenile Probation Officer when I noticed that a severe lack of confidence was a common factor among my female juvenile probationers. I decided right then and there to make my goal for the AHP senior portrait experience to infuse confidence into my clients and help them realize how beautiful they really are. It’s amazing what gorgeous images can do for a teenager’s self esteem! Since then, I’ve become a leader in the senior photography industry and even help other studios nation-wide to help bring their seniors an amazing senior portrait experience unlike any other.

Senior portraits are such a HUGE part of your senior year and I want to make this experience amazing for you! I pride myself on not being like any other senior photographer in your area in that I specialize in senior portraits, meaning that I don’t photograph anything other than high school students! My one focus is YOU! By specializing, that means that I can pour my heart into your experience and make sure that it’s the best out there! I want to give you an experience that other photographers can’t. Amanda Holloway Photography is famous for attention to detail and providing seniors with not just some senior pictures… but an experience in and of itself!

You may not realize it yet, but think about it… when is the next time you will have the opportunity for something like this? Believe it or not, it will most likely be your wedding day. Please don’t wait until then to have amazing portraits to document such an amazing time in your life.

This is YOUR time to celebrate your youth, your free spirit and your love for life.
I cannot wait to photograph it for you!



Amanda Holloway – CEO