A-LIST CREATIVES BTS: Subscription Education

$30 / month


It’s time to go behind the curtain with Amanda Holloway and get inside her business brain while watching her work from month to month! Follow Amanda Holloway in her every day business methods as she teaches her day to day strategies and practices that have created an incredibly successful senior photography business. Learn the ins and outs of her mind behind her monthly marketing techniques, sales system, posing flow with REAL clients, shooting approach, communication plan and so much more as she shares monthly tips and tricks to get ahead of the game in your business.

Every month Amanda will be educating the group with actionable education, live senior session videos, live q&a videos, visual education, challenges, downloadables, and so much more. Members will be the ONLY people to have weekly EXCLUSIVE access to Amanda Holloway and the education provided.

In addition to the incredible education, each member will receive a $15 monthly credit to spend each month as well as the ability to purchase portfolio, website, and social media critiques with Amanda (exclusive for members only)!

Sample posts you’ll find in the community:
– actual problematic e-mails from past clients and how Amanda handled them
– live image box design from a senior session
– live posing from actual senior sessions
– full galleries of Amanda’s sessions
– how to set up your ordering sessions to sell canvas collections
– Amanda’s ordering session timeline
– side by side images showcasing before & after posing correction
– how to save an ordering session that’s going downhill quickly
– using sales verbiage to increase your income
– fluid posing sets: an entire session look
– how to show the value of what we sell
– how to post about your availability to create a sense of urgency
– how to get testimonials
– editing transformation videos
– editorial cropping
– cutting through backlit images while maintaining haze
– the importance of a minimum order requirement and how to implement


MONTHLY CONTENT PACKED Subscription Education

+ Marketing
+ Branding
+ Pricing & Sales
+ Client Communication
+ Shooting
+ Posing
+ Editing
+ Business

+ Pre-Recorded Videos
+ Live Educational Videos
+ Live Videos from Senior Sessions
+ Visual Educational Posts
+ LIVE Q&A video
+ Text Posts
+ Challenges
+ Downloadable Handouts

$15 MONTHLY CREDIT to the AHP Photographer’s Shop to spend EACH MONTH


Q: Is the information in this subscription the same as the Kitchen Sink Workshop?

A. No. While the KSW info is extremely detailed and in person, the education provided in this membership is bite sized business education that you can consume over the course of several months. I have found that most photographers who purchase an online course look at the whole of it, get intimidated, and never finish it. THIS education is for the busy hustler who wants the meat… no fluff, no fantasy… just the details. It allows the members to follow Amanda throughout her sessions, client interactions and the day to day specifics while also learning about the her tried and true methods for running a successful business.

Q. When will I be added to the membership community?

A. Members who purchase a monthly subscription will be added within 48 business hours.

Q. How do I get added to the community?

A. When you purchase your subscription, a DOWNLOAD will appear in your AHP Photographer’s Shop account (one will also be e-mailed to you). Please download the file and open on your computer. You will find a LINK and instructions to follow in the file.

Q. Is the shop credit members receive monthly bankable? As in, can it build up to a bigger amount if I don’t spend it month to month?

A. The shop credit of $15 a month is to be spent monthly and will start over every month. If you don’t spend March’s $15 during March, you will be able to spend April’s $15 during April.



Information & education included in the membership is allowed for photography business ONLY as an educational guide to your potential clients in the flat and digital or printed form. Purchased use is intended for PERSONAL use to your clients only. You are prohibited from selling/sharing this product or any part of its structure including text, copy, design elements, the design itself, example images, videos, or any other intellectual property as a whole or part. This includes making profit from or sharing the previously stated items in digital or printed form. You are also prohibited from sharing this product with any other third party. COMMERCIAL LICENSE NOT INCLUDED.LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN IF THIS PRODUCT (PART OR WHOLE) IS SHARED OR SOLD TO ANY OTHER PERSON OTHER THAN THE SOLE PURCHASER.

Mileage Restriction

You may NOT purchase this guide if you live within 100 miles of The Woodlands, TX.

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