Client Hub for Senior Guys

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Do you not have any session prep resources to send your senior boy clients? Are you getting senior boys showing up for your sessions with wrinkled, ill fitting clothing, dirty fingernails, and a 5 o’clock shadow? It’s time to start sending your senior guys all the education they need to finally start showing up to your sessions prepared!

Send your senior guys a link full of modern design, images, and helpful info about their session with a client hub page directly on your website. This page template will give your senior boy clients all the info they need to know about their senior photography experience and help them prepare with what to wear, grooming and styling tips! It includes a welcome message, Pinterest prompt, wardrobe advice, grooming guide, pro-styling motivation, session checklist, etc. It really is everything your senior boys need to know to get ready for their session with you.

How do you get it onto your website? Just create a new page through your existing website service, upload each jpg you complete through the provided PSD templates, link the jpgs needed to the provided client resources, then send the link to your clients! Easy peasy! And if you need extra help, don’t forget that you receive a video tutorial that shows you how exactly to do this step in addition to customizing the templates as well!

Would you rather send a PDF guide with the same education? Check out our Guy’s Session Prep Guide!



• Main Client Hub Page Template with Cropping Guidelines
• Grooming Guide templates (2 pages)
• Shopping Guide templates (2 pages)
• Video Tutorial showcasing how to customize templates and how to upload to website page


All templates are Copyrighted by The Modern Collective & Amanda Holloway and may not be sold, redistributed or given away. Please be sure to keep a backup copy of your files. We are sure, as an artist, you understand the great time, effort, and dedication it takes to produce a great work. Please respect our hard work and intellectual property.

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