CURRENT AFFAIRS: Newsletter Templates – Collection #3

Newsletter Templates



The BEST way to convert your online audience into paying clients is through a consistent campaign of your brand experience and portfolio! What better way to showcase these powerful strategies time and time again than with a beautifully designed Current Affairs Newsletters! Wow your potential clients with a perfectly timed string of your entire brand process while parading your stunning portfolio through out each and every newsletter piece.

Showcasing clean design with ALL TEXT INCLUDED, the Current Affairs: Newsletter Template allows you to let your subscriber know what class you are booking, how quickly you are booking up, what dates you are available, and even when a coveted session has opened up!

+ This collections is a great way to create urgency for potential clients to book a session with you
+ Current  Affairs templates help you book more clients by offering coveted sessions to hot leads on your subscribers list
+ This collection will help you keep your subscribers (or VIP list) up to date on when you are booking for first come first serve booking options
+ Current Affairs showcases your latest IG posts with 100% reach to your active newsletter subscribers

What's Included?


• Now Booking (showcasing what season you are booking with featured seasonal images)
• Monthly Availability (featuring how many dates are left in each month)
• Minimal Dates Available (showcases current session availability)
• In Case You Missed It (this month’s top IG posts)
• Session Opening (to let your subscribers know that a date just opened)

• Season Schedule Opening
• Only a Few Sessions Left
• X Sessions Remaining
• VIP List
• Sudden Date Opening

• How to customize newsletter templates
• How to crop templates into linkable jpgs
• How to upload and use in MailChimp


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