How to Photograph Horses

Video Tutorial with Kirstie Marie Photography


Does your client want to include their horse in an upcoming session? It is time to get a game plan and arrive with confidence.


As a leading equine photographer, Kirstie Marie Photography offers her tips on photographing horses for the photographer who has little-to-no prior experience working with horses.  First and foremost, this course will teach you how to keep the session safe and limit your liability while working with a large and unpredictable animal. Learn the most flattering angles for a horse, how lens distortion affects the images, and where to place the horse’s head, neck, ears, and feet to create portraits your clients love.


Did you know that there’s a place that you should never stand when interacting with a horse? (And no… it isn’t behind them)
Did you know that a handler usually stands on a specific side of the horse?
Do you know how to easily get a horse’s ears up & forward?
Do you know how to make sure that horse is balanced?
Do you know technical terms for working with horses?
Do you know what to bring to a shoot with a horse?
Do you know where a horse is at their most comfortable?
Do you know what lens to use when photographing a session with a horse?


This course is perfect for senior, family, fashion, wedding or portrait photographers whose client may want to include a horse in their session.
What's Included?

• over 30 minutes of detailed instruction
• complete equipment & gear resource list & showcase
• safety practices & liability issues (live showcase with the horse)
• how to photograph horse & subject together
• live shooting & posing instruction
• culling a horse session
• lens distortion issues with lens choice during a horse session

BONUS: 36 Horse & Model posing cue cards


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