Transform V2

5 Hours of Step by Step Tutorials

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If you’ve been wanting to take your images and make them your own instead of using tons of different actions that can produce inconsistency in your style, now is the time to LEARN how to MANUALLY MANIPULATE your images into exactly what you want them to look like!

Join Amanda in over 5 hours of step by step editing video tutorials created to help you truly understand how to manually edit your images and get the results you’ve always wanted. Each video is dedicated to each step of the process from beginning to end. Stop relying on artistic actions that generalize your art and learn how to manually manipulate each and every image to what YOU want to produce.


+ BASICS: (for those new to PS) learning layers, brush opacity, keyboard shortcuts and adjustment

+ SKIN: basic and advanced blemish removal, skin texture retention, skin tone correction

+ EYES: under eye circle correction, eye size equalizing, deep set eyes

+ CONTOURING: how to create depth in flat lighting, fashion contouring

+ POLISH: bold color, adding depth, cleaning up hair, sharpening, cutting haze

+ LIGHT: adding flare, haze and gradients

+ COLOR CORRECTION: color cast, localized color management, all over color punch, translucent skin tones

+ FULL EDITS: bringing the process steps together


+ 30 page guide of screenshot by screenshots of every step of Amanda’s basic editing process with instructional directions written out of every process.

+ Amanda’s famous TONE CORRECTING actions

+ Amanda’s workflow actions

+ Quick Cheat Sheet Printable


Q: What editing program will be used in these tutorials?
A: I use Photoshop Creative Suite 6, but any Photoshop CS version is acceptable – as long as you are able to create layer masks.

Q: Will you be using other vendor’s actions?
A: My editing tutorials are 98% manual. I do use Portraiture Plug In and another action (that is FREE) very minimally. I also use Alien Skin from time to time (not as my normal editing process) that I teach in the above videos.

Q: Is there a mileage restriction for these tutorials?
A: If you live OUTSIDE a 150 mile radius from The Woodlands, TX, you will be able to purchase these tutorials. Every purchase will be reviewed for mileage restrictions. If you are within 150 miles radius of The Woodlands, TX, you will be refunded within 24 hours of your PayPal submission.