What To Wear Guide V2

Templated & printable 76 page senior session wardrobe guide.



+ Amanda Holloway’s very own UPDATED What to Wear Guide that she sends her own seniors complete with HER styled images

(you will receive BOTH ready to send DIGITAL PDF and ready to PRINT PDF complete with AH’s unbranded images embedded in the guides)

+ The entire What to Wear Guide in PHOTOSHOP PSD TEMPLATES and INDESIGN TEMPLATE for your own images to be embedded when you’re ready

(each style allows for one image all the way up to four images per page – it doesn’t matter how many seniors you’ve photographed, it can grow with you)

+ Extensive video tutorial to help you understand how to use the guides to best benefit your senior portrait business

(Dive in and get started immediately! Amanda teaches you how to use the guides in streamlined and effective ways to jumpstart your fashion expertise.)

Looking for a What to Wear guide for your Senior Guys? Check out our Guys’ What to Wear Guide!


+ What to Wear vs What NOT to Wear basics introduction

+ Wardrobe by Body Type: Ruler, Pear, Hour Glass, Wedge & Apple body types (each body type showcases traits, goals and tips for dressing to best accentuate your features)

GUIDE EXAMPLE: Wedge | Inverted Triangle body type: stay away from spaghetti straps as they can draw attention to a larger upper body

GUIDE EXAMPLE: Ruler | Rectangle body type: shapely tops (scoop neck, v-neck, sweetheart, halter necklines) can help create curves on your upper body

+ Wardrobe by Skin Tone – extended (help your senior explore what colors are right for her depending on her skin tone)

+ Wardrobe by Style | Casual, Prep, Denim, Urban, Glam, Resort, Throw Back, Floral, Lace, Boho (each style includes explanations, and detailed directions to keeping the style polished)

GUIDE EXAMPLE: Prep | If you go with floral/pretty prints, remember to anchor them with a heavy solid as to not make your outfit look too busy.

GUIDE EXAMPLE: Lace | To keep lace looking high end, be sure to purchase only those pieces that are scalloped or open hemmed. This makes the piece look unique and intricate.

+ Accessories Guide (necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, hats, scarves, and glasses – how to wear each depending on outfit, trend and lines)


Q: Is your guide for FEMALES ONLY?
A: Yes! This guide only showcases senior GIRL fashion.

Q: How many pages is the final result?
A: There are a total of 80 PAGES. If you decide to print AH’s magazine, it will be 80 pages long. REMEMBER: because you get the template too, you can make the guide as short or as long as you wish.

Q: Can I use your images freely to interchange with mine?
A: No. My images are embedded in the PDFs and not legally available to use freely outside of the digital or printed magazines provided. If you choose to use the psd templates provided, you will be able to use your own images completely.


“If you want the “end-all” What to Wear guide, Amanda Holloway has done it! I have never seen anything more comprehensive or versatile. Amanda has been able to verbalize everything you ever wanted to put in your own What to Wear Guide, and now you don’t have to do it yourself! This guide has everything from defining each type of look with amazing senior images to illustrate them, to a beautiful guide about exactly what kinds of clothing look best on each body type. And of course, because it’s an Amanda Holloway product, the graphics are beautiful! I also love that she has included a completed PDF with her own images that you can print for your clients, or send it digitally as is. Then to make it even better, she has included the PSD files for each and every page to make it fully customizable. She has included an in-depth video to walk you though the customization of the guide should you wish to make it your own. It’s fabulous!! As a bonus, Amanda gives us a wonderful Face Preparation Guide, as well. Again, it’s perfect to print immediately or the PSD allows you to customize it to taste. Honestly, there is no better product on the market, and it’s truly worth every penny!”

– Susie Moore | Susie Moore Photography

“Amanda Holloway’s What to Wear guide is unlike anything available to the senior photography market. This guide goes above and far beyond any guide, template, brochure you name it sold by other vendors. The level of detail, resources and knowledge put into this guide is amazing. I love the detailed examples she includes on how to pull off each look, as well as a guide for seniors on where to shop for similar looks.

I can’t think of a better tool to help senior photographers guide their client to portrait perfect outfits. The guide navigates seniors toward the right choices for their body type, skin tone, and personal style. The guide is also completely customizable which I love! I was able to tailor the descriptions and images with my own.

I am having amazing results with this guide first hand. My clients absolutely LOVE IT! Just a few raves include: “The guide is awesome! Definitely very helpful” “oh my god i love it” “I just finished looking at your guide and it was so awesome. It was seriously so helpful, and I learned a lot from looking at it. ”

-Kody Hajda | Kody Diane Photography

“Oh my goodness, this What to Wear Guide was more than I could have imagined! It is SO thorough going over body type AND clothing styles. Seriously, Amanda thought of everything and I don’t even know where to start!! First there is a video to watch that explains how to use the guide. I know it seems pretty straightforward, but Amanda’s guide is like none I’ve seen before and the video really helped make it super easy to understand.

It’s genius, really. The design of the files and layers makes it SO SO SO easy to customize and drop in your own images. BUT, she includes a “ready for print” AND a “digital” version that allows you to send it right to clients using her images. So perfect for somebody who is still building clientele and maybe doesn’t have great examples of every category just quite yet! The templates are easy to use and customize with your own font choices. But, the entire thing is designed with that modern, clean line look that Amanda has mastered, and she includes the font names so you can choose to keep it the same as she designed it. And the content…holy cow. This isn’t all pictures. The wording and text is so full of good information to help guide girls on their wardrobe, complete with a “where to buy it” section that lists online retailers so it applies to anyone, anywhere. There are “do’s and don’ts” for different body types that will again help girls pull together the best outfits for them for their session.

I love knowing that my clients are going to get a completely polished, useful guide to prepare for their sessions. Clothing and fashion is a HUGE deal to these girls and it’s great that I can help them feel prepared and confident before coming to their session. Seriously, Amanda, THANK YOU for once again creating something that is so helpful in running my business!! This guide beat all expectations I had for it and seriously blew my mind with how awesome and well thought out it is!!!

-Lindsey Millard | Lindsey Millard Photography



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