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Class of 2014 | The Woodlands High School

We looked at all the other photographers in our area, (which I’m sure you and your parents have done too) but none of them had the same natural, unique images as Amanda Holloway Photography. Amanda is super easy to get along with and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera – which was super important for me because I, for one, didn’t want typical senior pictures like the ones they make us take at school every year with the SAME backgrounds and the SAME props and the SAME stiff poses. And my AHP experience was anything but typical.

Leslie-MageeWhen we finally booked my senior pictures, Amanda provided us with everything we’d ever need to know about our session, and had a super neat look book for outfit inspiration which was extremely helpful for a slightly fashion-challenged girl like me. Amanda helped me pick outfits that fit beautifully with the locations we took pictures at, and also reflected my personality.

I really liked that Amanda is very open to suggestions and is willing to work with you to create exactly what you want out of your senior portrait session.

I also really appreciate that Amanda doesn’t over edit the images, because I know personally I didn’t want to look like I was made of plastic in my pictures, and I really can’t think of anyone that would. You’ll get to go to your very own ordering session and pick from tons of amazing products that she helps you customize to fit your personality. For example, we designed my graduation announcements from scratch, and they turned out super cute and unique and exactly how I wanted them- so much better than the typical announcements you order from school.

Also, Amanda’s make-up artist Tonya is a miracle worker. She does awesome work and can recreate any hairstyle or makeup look you throw at her. The airbrush makeup she uses looks natural, feels super light on your face and won’t clog your pores, and it lasts in the Texas heat (which deserves a gold medal in my opinion). I mean seriously, the last thing you want to be in your senior pictures is a sweaty mess in a dress.
Anyways, I know you’ll love the whole experience, and I can’t wait to see the sneak peeks!!!



Class of 2015 | Hargrave High School Senior

Amanda, I would just like to start off by saying that I could not be more appreciative to have shared my senior pictures with you and Tonya! I must say that both you and Tonya truly do have an eye for creativity and beauty and put the two together to make art. The both of you made me feel relaxed and confident all while having an absolute blast!

The pictures you took were beautiful and by the end of the session I left feeling happy and relieved to know that I had chosen the best photographer around to take my senior photos!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for giving my mom and I a great time and gorgeous senior pictures to go with my last year of high school.



Class of 2015 | The Woodlands High School

Oh my goodness, thank you for such an AMAZING session! You and Tonya exceeded every one of my expectations, I could not have asked for a more perfect afternoon!! I felt so beautiful and so important; there was no doubt in my mind that the pictures would turn out amazing! I felt like I was able to trust every suggestion you gave me, especially with the ballet portion of my shoot. Your artistic vision and attention to every detail made such a huge difference, honestly, there is no one I would trust more to capture this time in my life! I also had a BLAST being with you- I’ve heard people rave about you, and say great things about how fun their session was, but I had no idea it would be THIS fun!

There was never a dull moment, I couldn’t keep a smile off my face!

Thank you again for everything, Amanda, especially the amount of time you put into my session, I truly appreciate everything you did, I still have a smile on my face :). It was more than an honor to have you as my photographer!


Class of 2013 | Katy, TX Senior

Amanda Holloway. A name that will be heard millions of times because of her amazing talent. As a senior, one of the most exciting things to me was getting my senior pictures taken, but everyone in my area was okay. I could look at the photos and say, “Oh, that’s nice.” When I saw Amanda’s pictures, my jaw literally dropped. It’s my dream to major in photography and some day work in the field, and I can only DREAM to be as good as she is!

KATRIANA-TEOH-10From the moment I booked with her, she sent tips and provided really good hints as to what I could do to prepare for the shoot.

Then the morning of, I knew I could be completely relaxed! I didn’t have to worry about messing up my makeup or hair because the fabulous Tonya Collum would soon be working on that. I arrived at the studio and was IMMEDIATELY relieved. Tonya was so much fun to be around and made me look better than I could ever have imagined! When Amanda got to the salon, she was able to picture where each outfit would look good and was already planning how she wanted me to look in each photograph. I was a bit nervous, thinking, “All of the girls in her pictures have looked perfect, how in the world am I ever going to look as good as them?” After the first picture, I understand how they got to look that way and was completely relaxed. The words she used to tell me how to pose led me to do exactly what she wanted, and if I didn’t understand something, she would even show me herself. The only bad part of the day was when it ended. I will be recommending her to everyone I know in a heartbeat. Seriously, one of the best days of my life!



Class of 2015 | The Woodlands High School

Dear Amanda, I cannot thank you enough for my senior session experience. I enjoyed working with you and Tonya and sharing so many laughs! I was astonished when I saw myself on your camera. I was not aware that I was that pretty or beautiful. Those shots captured my inner and outer beauty and helped me gain a self confidence I haven’t had in a long time. That is a gift I cannot thank you enough for. I loved how professional you were but how we had fun while we were shooting! I would do it again in a heartbeat and can’t wait to tell my friends and family about how wonderful you are at what you do. Thank you again and I can’t wait to see my sneak peeks soon! Thank you!


Class of 2015 | Kingwood High School

I LOVE my senior pictures from Amanda Holloway. It was such a fun experience and everyone has seen them has said that they still look like me which was what I wanted! I wasn’t sure what to expect since I hadn’t taken professional pictures before but both Amanda and Tonya were awesome and they made me feel so good about myself and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so confident. It was so much fun shooting in different locations and even with the weather the pictures looked great! The experience was really personal and I felt like I got to know her rather than just get pictures from her. I have recommended her to all of my friends for next year and if I could be a senior again I would DEFINITELY take them with her again!



Class of 2014 | The Woodlands High School

JULIANNA-MAXWELLThe moment I was finished with my Senior Session my first thought was, “Can I do it again?”. Shooting with Amanda Holloway was by far one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. I am so glad I was able to capture something as meaningful as my senior portraits with a wonderful photographer like her! After my shoot was over I still couldn’t stop smiling!

Beginning the session with Tonya Collum was so much fun! She was able to give me the exact makeup look I was hoping for. It was expertly applied and still came out looking fresh and natural, and even better it lasted the entire day in the Texas humidity! Her hair styling was amazing too, and I couldn’t have been happier. In the past I have had bad experiences with professional hair and makeup artists but Tonya was absolutely perfect. She didn’t push any crazy colors and let me control the look. Thanks again Tonya!! Amanda knew the perfect locations to go with the outfits I brought! I was amazed by her ability to turn an ordinary building into a great backdrop.

I was nervous going into my shoot, but Amanda kept me from feeling self conscious in front of the camera. She made taking pictures fun and natural.

I didn’t feel like I was uncomfortably posed at any time. Amanda is such a genuinely nice person that it feels like you’re hanging out with a friend! The shoot was carefree, relaxed and enjoyable, and the pictures that came out of it were absolutely breathtaking. Amanda made me feel so beautiful during the entire shoot and that is something I will never forget! To any upcoming senior I would recommend Amanda. Her skills are unparalleled and she knows how to take pictures that truly capture your personality!



Class of 2013 | Tarkington High School

Prominent, distinguished, and pure talent are just a few words to describe Amanda Holloway. She is truly gifted when shooting photos, especially ones that are warm and close to your heart. When taking my senior pictures with Amanda, it just felt right. I was comfortable with her.

I am proud and honored to say I’m an Amanda Holloway Senior. I couldn’t have picked a better photographer. I’m extremely pleased with the way Amanda and Tonya were with my session. I know that many other seniors in the near future will be too. Not to mention, the sneak peeks she shares after your shoot look fantastic and only make you want to see even more.

Thank you Amanda for sharing your talented gift with me! I couldn’t be more pleased with this whole experience.


Class of 2015 | Hargrave High School

D ear Amanda, I had so much fun working with you and Tonya! You both gave me the type of confidence I never had in myself. The way you put my outfits together and matched them with the perfect settings. Tonya was amazing with my hair and makeup, she helped me have a clear idea of what looked best! As soon as I walked in your studio I feel in the love! I didn’t want to take the dresses off I just wanted to stay in that moment forever. I loved standing in front of the camera and feeling so confident just smiling and laughing. I’m so grateful that you were able to do my Senior Session! You brought out my personality perfectly in each picture. When I left I just wanted to know when I could do it again. It was such as incredible experience to share such a special time in my life like senior pictures with you.



Anna’s Mom

Class of 2014 | The Woodlands High School

Anna-Misemer-31To this day, I remember my senior portrait session with joy. and because of this, I wanted Anna to have one the best experiences she could have – one she could look back on years from now with a smile. Because of this, like many of you reading this now, I reached out to friends and read reviews. The online reviews for Amanda Holloway seemed too good to be true, however, everyone I spoke to confirmed what I read. How could I go wrong?
Well, I couldn’t!

From the moment we walked in for makeup and hair, to the last snap of the camera, Anna had a smile on her face. Amanda and Tonya made Anna and I feel welcome and treated us like we’d known them for years. They looked through Anna’s many outfits (she brought way more than she needed) and she quickly wears able to help her choose & confirm her favorites. Amanda helped her coordinate her accessories, and was able to provide a few extra “missing” pieces (which completed the look!). Amanda knew exactly where she wanted to shoot the pictures as soon as they saw the final outfit selections. This allowed for smooth transitions, even though some of the bright lipstick choices challenged Tonya, which she was able to conquer without a problem, as she always made Anna look beautiful for every shot. Amanda had a natural knack of getting Anna into the poses. I could see Anna physically relax when Amanda spoke to her, and Amanda always answered Anna’s questions and never made her feel uncomfortable. Amanda’s ability to read the lighting was amazing, waiting patiently for the right moment to capture the right look. Anna had such a great time. She was able to feel beautiful and confident.

Thank you for giving us a day to remember, and beautiful memories we will be able to cherish and share with family and friends! For those of you out there, reading this letter, like I did not all too long ago, you can’t go wrong. You’ll not only get wonderful pictures to cherish, you’ll also get a joyful memory you get to share with your child.



Kaysey’s Mom

Class of 2012 | The Woodlands High School

Words cannot express how grateful I am that you were able to photograph Kaysey for her senior pictures! I was thrilled to have you do the shoot because I had seen your work and I knew it was amazing.  But the experience with you, and the photos you took, were so much more than I could ever have imagined.

What a great mother/daughter experience for us. A day of wonderful memories that we will never forget thanks to you.

To start, we had so much fun while the expert Tonya Collum did Kaysey’s hair and make-up before the shoot. She is so talented and knows how to bring out true beauty! And I love how you have the girls bring several outfits so that you can choose the best look for the photos – and you have some amazing accessories! You captured the true essence of Kaysey in her photos. The pictures are so naturally gorgeous and amazing – more beautiful than I could have imagined. The time we spent with you and the photos are simply priceless.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience and a lifetime of memories that you captured. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about you. There are lots of great photographers out there – but you are truly special!



Hayley’s Mom

Class of 2012 | Texas Senior

When we started planning on where to go for Haley’s senior pictures, we wanted something different… And someone who had expertise and professionalism in photography, along with top notch skills…. We researched the internet and came across Amanda Holloway Photography and knew immediately that we had found the BEST!! Her photography skills are evident in every single photograph we view on her website! However, I could never image how amazingly wonderful the experience itself would be!! I knew her work was perfection, but the experience FAR exceeded our expectations!!

I had dreaded the stress of trying to figure out what to wear, how to fix the hair and makeup, and basically just the anxiety of pulling everything together. With Amanda Holloway Photography, all of that stress is removed. Tonya Collum, the most amazing hair and makeup artist ever, was able to transform Haley for each portion of the shoot, quickly and so beautifully. And the whole experience was so much FUN! It was definitely an experience we will never forget!! And in a good way!! I wish that every senior could have the same experience… It was definitely worth the 4 hours travel time!


Jenna’s Mom

Class of 2013 | Georgetown High School

In thinking back over the day-yesterday- it really needs to start back in June the beginning of Jenna’s last high school summer. She was determined to find the best photographer for her senior portraits. I knew she could do this because searching the internet is her forte. Did I assume that she would look in Austin, why not, it’s a very artsy talented city. Honestly, there just didn’t seem to be any competition once she showed me your website and all that you do and offer. Also, Jenna’s passion is photography and design, and her last four years in photography classes lent me to believe that she knew what she was looking for in a photographer. And she found you!

Yesterday’s experience was a culmination of extensive and personable communication in advance with you and expertise make-up and hair artistry (who of course went with us on the shoot) and your amazing talent to make your subject feel like they were the most important (we never felt like you needed or wanted to be anywhere else) and uniquely beautiful person on the planet! Thank you for what you do and we are looking forward to seeing the finished product.


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