Amanda Holloway teaches a no holds barred financial class unlike any other. If you are wanting to strip yourself of the lies and smoke and mirrors that your business finances have kept you in, this class is a must.  Amanda Holloway will educate class attendees on not only how to price their products and collections the right way, but how to do so in a manner that will leave them with major profit margins.  Learn how to psychologically motivate your clients to buy your top collections without abrasive sales techniques.


Amanda Holloway has taught hundreds of photographers on how to price themselves correctly and these photographers have reaped triple their income, thousands of dollars in average sales, and several have been able to quit their fulltime job because their photography income surpassed their salary.


Watch how Amanda presents her products at an in person ordering session that guides the clients to the top collections without feeling the need to be persuaded or pressured. Amanda Holloway has a client average of $4,500 (not including session fees) and is currently booking out a year in advance.Her highest sale has been $19,000 with several sales in the $6,000 – $12,000 range.




Monday, October 3rd

9 am – 5 pm


9:00 AM – Introduction

9:30 AM – Personal Financial Analysis & Spreadsheet Reality

10:00 AM – Minimum Order Requirements

10:30 AM – Collections… Building with High Averages in Mind

11:15 AM – A La Carte Pricing… A checks and balances system for assurance

12:00 – 2:00 PM – LUNCH BREAK

2:00 PM – Product Showcase… upselling by presentation

3:00 PM – In Person Ordering Sessions… the RIGHT way

4:00 PM – Real ordering session walkthrough of recorded senior

4:45 PM – Q&A




A large portion of alumni have INCREASED their income by AT LEAST 300%! Several are averaging OVER $1,500 per client to even $3,000 per client! They are profiting MORE from their sales than before and are even reaching never thought of financial heights.


“I’ve been able to quit my full time job and as of this morning, lease a small studio space with my photography income. I can pick my kids up from school and watch TV with my hubby. I have a fully sustainable business and a happy work/life balance. Amanda Holloway – you are the best kick in the butt I ever had. I love you!”


“I feel so blessed and am ecstatic! Tonight, I had my second Ordering session in a row that purchased my largest Collection! $3100…my heart skipped a little when I wrote out the order form. Gulp! Working less and making more is exactly what my family needed!!! I love my job! Thank you Amanda Holloway!”


“Ok Amanda Holloway…I just pulled over to the side of the road to laugh and cry… And I think I peed in my pants a little. I just left my first in-person ordering session. ( I literally felt like I was going to throw up before due to nerves). But I did everything exactly like you said and IT WORKED!! They bought my top collection @$2250!”


“Had to share! Very first ordering session EVER and I sold $1500!!!! I don’t even have all my product yet! Can’t wait for the next one!!! Thank youAmanda Holloway!!!”


“Thank you again Amanda Holloway for teaching me how to grow my business! Another ordering session complete and they ordered my biggest package!!!! I LOVE YOU!!”


“First in-person ordering session: $1500. Second in-person ordering session: $3500. Making $5000 in a week: epic (for me). Thank you, Amanda Holloway!”


“I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Amanda Holloway! I just had my third ordering session this spring that bought my second highest collection. So far out of 5 this spring 2 were just above my old average and 3 have been my highest sales ever! I ran a report and my gross profit so far this year is almost 40% above where it was last year and I’ve shot less people!  THANK YOU!!!”


“Top sale tonight of $2100 dollars!! Whoop Whoop!! I never thought I would see these types of numbers but I am so glad I invested in my business by investing in you!! Thank you! Thank you!”


“Dear Amanda Holloway, THANK YOU! I just had my FIRST and BEST sale incorporating your pricing. $2335!!!! I could kiss you! I won’t….because that would be weird. But I could!”


“Okay I will say it just like everyone else has said it I LOVE YOU AMANDA HOLLOWAY!!! I had my first sales session tonight and they bought my top package which is my digital collection and a storyboard! Total sales $1686.50!!! Highest amount I have ever received to date! My average sale last year was $750 dollars. I did the sales session just like Amanda taught it and they didn’t even flitch! Thank you again for being such an awesome mentor to me!!”


“OH MY WORD. JUST HAD A $2,400 PRODUCT ORDER WITH A MINIMUM OF $750! IM KINDA FREAKIN OUT! Thank you Amanda Holloway for helping me change my ways. Tonight was the first night I actually felt worthy of that kind of sale. The mom cried twice!!!! So happy!”


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